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Allergen Awareness Online Training Introduction

Allergic reactions can have serious consequences. Knowing which substances can cause them and how to avoid cross contamination is vital to anyone working in the food industry.

This allergen awareness course will go through general allergies, food allergies and food intolerances and it will explain the differences between them. The course covers the 14 allergens controlled by legislation along with food additives and how they can trigger allergic reactions. We will also take a detailed look at the symptoms of food allergies and discuss the current theories of why rates are increasing. You will then finish the course by covering practical steps that can be taken to reduce the risk from allergens and also what steps can be taken both internally and externally to monitor the control measures.

Who needs Allergen Awareness Training?

This course is aimed at anyone working within the food industry including businesses owners who may wish to put all their staff through the training.

Our Food Safety level 2 courses go hand in hand with Allergen Awareness as they provide detailed information on food safety and hygiene practices. They are industry specific so more relevant than generic courses and should be completed by anyone who is handling food.

For supervisors and managers in the food industry our Introduction to HACCP Level 2 course provides an in-depth introduction to Hazard Analysis and managing critical control points so that food remains safe for consumption from farm to fork. 

Allergen Awareness Course Modules

Our training tutor, Emma, will take you through this Allergen Awareness online training course. This consists of a series of videos followed by multiple choice questions. It is recommended that you work through the modules in order. You can review the videos as many times as you need before submitting your answers. If you need to stop at any point, simply log back in and our intuitive system will start again from the last completed module.

You will have three free attempts to pass your course before you will need to give us a call to reset your account. Upon successful completion of your training, your certificate will be available to download straight away.

The course duration is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. As you can watch and refer back to the videos as often as you like, the actual time may vary.

1: Food Intolerance and Allergens: The Basics
Pass % Required 70%
2: Food Intolerances - Causes and Symptoms
Pass % Required 70%
3: Allergies - Causes and Symptoms
Pass % Required 70%
4: Allergen Facts
Pass % Required 70%
5: Food Allergens and the Law
Pass % Required 70%
6: Food Allergens - Practical Steps
Pass % Required 70%
7: Allergen Information for Consumers
Pass % Required 70%
8: Internal Monitoring and Review
Pass % Required 70%
9: External Monitoring and Review
Pass % Required 70%

Online Training Key Points

Our flexible online training gives you the power to choose how and when to take your course. Working to your own pace with our easy-to-use software will give you an efficient and cost-effective way to do your training.

  • ACCESSIBLE: training can be taken using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • FREE TRIAL: take the first module for free and make sure it is the right course for you
  • INTERACTIVE: easy to follow video tutorials with three chances to take the test again
  • STOP/START TRAINING: pause the course and pick up again later from where you left it

We offer price reductions on multiple purchases. We also have an unlimited monthly subscription service for those of you with a large amount of people requiring ongoing training. Call 0800 772 0812 to find out more about this.

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